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us capitol

US Capitol, Washington. creative commons Andrew Bossi.

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washington dc white house st louis basilica san francisco golden gate bridge


Washington D.C

St. Louis


San Francisco


Washington DC is the Capital of the United States. It was founded on July 16, 1790 and named in honour of the first president, George Washington. Although several of the east/west streets are named alphabetically with letters, J Street is mysteriously missing.

St Louis was founded in 1764 and named after the French king Louis IX. It is also called “The gateway to the west” and is the birthplace of such greatness as the ice-cream cone, Dr Pepper and 7-UP.

San Francisco, or Frisco as it is known locally, is the forth most populous city in California. It is famous for its summer fog, cable cars and being home to the crookedest street in the USA.




mount rushmore animas forks Borobudur Fernsehturm

Mount Rushmore

South Dakota

Animas Forks




Mount Rushmore is one of the most iconic sites in the US. It depicts four of the greatest presidents in the country’s history.

Animas Forks is an old miners town in rural Colorado. The town is today a one of the most interesting ghost towns around.












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