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bordeaux place des quinconces

Fountain statue at Place des Quinconces. Pline.

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bordeaux cathedral bordeaux grand theatre bordeaux place de la bourse bordeaux place des quinconces

Bordeuax Cathedral


Bordeaux Grand Theatre


Place de la Bourse


Place des Quinconces


Many rate Bordeaux Cathedral as the number one landmark of Bordeaux. The magnificent structure is one of the best examples of the medieval gothic architecture in France.

Bordeaux Grand Theatre is one of the most beautiful neoclassical buildings in. The theatre is not only known for what its outside can offer, but also for its inside.

Place de la Bourse, also known as Place Royale, is one of Bordeaux’s most beautiful squares. The square is a perfect example of old Bordeaux architecture.

Place des Quinconces is the largest city square in whole Western Europe. This square covers a mighty 126.000 m² and is crowned by the inspiring Girondist Column.










Europe » France » Bordeaux


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